Love dad

Dear Cory, Tyler and Monica,

Before you were born your mom and I attended a parenting seminar put on by the church. Two points stood out above the rest. Number one, raise your kids to be independent by the age of sixteen. Number two, raise your kids as if you were launching a rocket, get them into the highest orbit possible. After 31 years of parenting we feel we have achieved success on both fronts. You are and will always be our greatest accomplishment. I don’t know when you will read this blog, I only know that I need to write it. All three of you are now adults and you have achieved so much. Sadly, I also know that you have much more to face in this life. Challenges that you cannot even imagine. Your mom and I cannot be there everyday like we once were, but then, that is why we raised you to be independent. We knew this day would come. Maybe this blog will help you in a small way as you face some difficult challenges in life. Maybe our journey and our willingness to open our hearts to you can help you as you make life changing decisions. Lets say this blog is “tactical orbit support”.

Love, dad

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